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Jade is a qualified personal trainer, online health & fitness coach and seasoned IFBB bikini competitor. Jade has been training and competing since 2009 and in that time she has tried and tested various methods of training & nutrition and vastly improved her knowledge. When it comes to losing weight, building muscle or whatever the goal may be, it is important to train with correct technique in order to achieve results and prevent injury. It is also very important to fuel your body with the right nutrition in order to achieve results. Not only that, we can not forget the importance of mindset! Jade will help you both physically and mentally to achieve your goals because she genuinely cares about you and wants you to succeed and feel your best. Jade's clients range from fitness competitors, new mums, expectant mums, and general lifestyle clients who need assistance in achieving their health and fitness goals. Please note; Jade is not currently offering face to face training, all of Jade's services

are available online. Jade is available for:

  • Weekly Online Coaching = This includes customised training & nutrition programming along with weekly online check ins and regular adjustments to your training and nutrition as needed, as well as constant support and advice. This option will really help to maximise your results.

  • Customised Training Programs = Jade will design the program specific to you and your goals. Your training program will include weights and cardio and will be designed based on your knowledge level. The program will be designed based on how many days you can commit to training and with what equipment you have access to.

  • Customised Nutrition Plans = Whether you want to lose weight or build muscle etc, Jade will cater the plan to you. Jade will also design your meal plan based on the foods that you prefer to eat, therefore making it more enjoyable and easy to follow. Your nutrition plan will include all calorie and macronutrient breakdowns.

  • Comp Prep Coaching = If you are looking to compete in a bikini, fitness or figure competition it is highly recommend to have a coach to help you achieve a competition physique in a healthy way. This also includes a customised training program and customised nutrition plan along with weekly online check ins and regular adjustments to your training and nutrition as needed as well as constant support and advice. Jade would love to help you get ready for stage!

 Jade looks forward to helping you achieve your goals, whatever they might be!

*Please see the eBooks/Online Programs tab to purchase a customised training program and/or nutrition plan. If you are interested in signing up for weekly coaching/comp prep coaching, please click the button below to get started. 

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