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THE FIT MAMA - Home Pregnancy Program

THE FIT MAMA - Home Pregnancy Program


    Congratulations on your pregnancy, this is such a special and exciting time!


    When I fell pregnant for the first time I knew that I wanted to remain fit and active, but I also knew that I needed to be careful and to look after my changing body. After all, we are growing human life inside of us so it pays to be cautious!


    That is why I have created this pregnancy workout guide, to help other expectant mums who are wanting to keep fit during pregnancy but who are also wanting to ensure they are doing the right thing and keeping both themselves and baby safe.


    In this guide I am going to explain why it is recommended to continue exercising during pregnancy and the benefits, some risk factors to be aware of to ensure a safe pregnancy, nutrition tips, as well as provide you with 9 safe workouts that you can do throughout each trimester of your pregnancy to help keep you fit, strong and healthy and ready to bring your baby into the world!


    These workouts can be done either in the gym or at home, with minimal equipment required, allowing you to workout safely and comfortably wherever you are. Not only will staying active throughout pregnancy keep you physically fit but it is also amazing for your mental wellbeing!


    Wishing you a healthy & happy pregnancy from one mama to another!

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