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Joan is 73 YEARS OLD!😮

Meet Joan, a normal 73 year old lady from canada, however she has an amazing story.

Joan is a living example of the saying that it’s never too late to better your life. She decided to take matters into her own hands when her doctors told her that she will have to up her medication dosages if she continues with her lifestyle, and she’s now posing for fitness magazine covers.

"3 years ago I began this long, slow journey and now I realize that there really isn't any end to it. Each day I move in a new direction based on my choices. Each month is a new milestone.

Each year I seem to have changed so completely I think I cant change anymore yet I do. At this point, I truly realize that we are limitless.

At any moment we can make a decision to change.

Now matter how difficult or challenging life is, we must remain steadfast in our aim and keep inching forward. When i got started I never imagined where I am today. I just wanted to get my health back and get off my medication. Each door we step through leads to another door and and then another." I think we can all take something from Joan and her story. Like I always say learn to love yourself, and dare to dream.


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